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Splitting Machine
Splitting machine is mainly used for the cutting of protective film, conductive fabric, double faces adhesive type, brown paper, crepe paper, foam, PVC, adhesive sticker and etc.
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Main Features:

  • Paper is cutting by blade, which is pushed forward by the way of pneumatics. With the function of locking automatically. Stable slitting, smooth cutting. 
  • Adopts width CNC electronic instrument, with the feature of wide range of sizing, rapid and accurate positioning.
  • With the features of small volume, easy maintaining, economic & efficient and etc.

Main Technical Parameters:

Cutter Head Diameter
Φ250 mm
Splitting Coil Stock Diameter (Maximum)
Φ180 mm
Splitting Coil Stock Length (Maximum)
1300 mm
Internal Diameter of Paper Core
Φ76 mm
Total Power
1.5 kW
380 V
Dimension (L*W*H)
2300 × 1200 × 1400 mm
300 kg Approx

NOTES: Customized design according to customers’ demand. These parameters are for conventional configuration. The actual parameters of the equipment are subject to the ex- factory products. Please provide clear indication in the contract for any special requirements.